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About Us

Welcome to! We started this website because we saw a problem that needed fixing. Many popular websites were not showing the correct Islamic Date Today for Pakistan.. This caused confusion for many people.

Our goal is to give you accurate Islamic dates and events specifically for Pakistan. With, you can trust that the dates are correct and reliable.

Our Promise

  • Accuracy: We make sure all Islamic dates and events match the moon sightings and local observations in Pakistan.
  • Easy to Use: Our calendar is simple to navigate, so you can easily find important Islamic dates and events.
  • Complete Information: Besides Calendars, we provide details on Islamic date, Islamic events, and more. Everything you need is in one place.
  • Focused on Pakistan: We understand the needs of the Pakistani Muslim community and tailor our content accordingly.

Why Choose

  • Reliable Source: We aim to be your trusted source for Islamic date and events in Pakistan.
  • Regular Updates: We keep updating the calendar with the latest information so you never miss an important date or event.
  • Accessible Features: With tools like custom calendar selection and search functionality, our website is easy to use.

Explore and enjoy the convenience of accurate Islamic dates and events at your fingertips. Whether you need important dates, or detailed articles on Islamic topics, we are here to help.

Thank you for choosing – Your Comprehensive Islamic Calendar for Pakistan.