Islamic Date Today in Pakistan – Chand ki Date Today 2023

() -Check Today’s Islamic Date in Pakistan. See the Islamic Date for today in Pakistan, which is the in the Hijri calendar. The Islamic Date, also known as the Hijri Date or Arabic Date, is widely recognized in the Muslim community, adhering to the lunar phases as depicted in the lunar calendar. Stay informed about the exect Islamic date in Pakistan, as the Hijri date is updated each day to ensure accuracy.

Islamic Date Today in Pakistan

Today Gregorian Date

Jamadi ul Awal Calendar 2023 Pakistan | Jamadi ul Awal Dates

DayIslamic DateGregorian Date
Thursday1 Jamadi ul Awal 144516 November 2023
Friday2 Jamadi ul Awal 144517 November 2023
Saturday3 Jamadi ul Awal 144518 November 2023
Sunday4 Jamadi ul Awal 144519 November 2023
Monday5 Jamadi ul Awal 144520 November 2023
Tuesday6 Jamadi ul Awal 144521 November 2023
Wednesday7 Jamadi ul Awal 144522 November 2023
Thursday8 Jamadi ul Awal 144523 November 2023
Friday9 Jamadi ul Awal 144524 November 2023
Saturday10 Jamadi ul Awal 144525 November 2023
Sunday11 Jamadi ul Awal 144526 November 2023
Monday12 Jamadi ul Awal 144527 November 2023
Tuesday13 Jamadi ul Awal 144528 November 2023
Wednesday14 Jamadi ul Awal 144529 November 2023
Thursday15 Jamadi ul Awal 144530 November 2023
Friday16 Jamadi ul Awal 14451 December 2023
Saturday17 Jamadi ul Awal 14452 December 2023
Sunday18 Jamadi ul Awal 14453 December 2023
Monday19 Jamadi ul Awal 14454 December 2023
Tuesday20 Jamadi ul Awal 14455 December 2023
Wednesday21 Jamadi ul Awal 14456 December 2023
Thursday22 Jamadi ul Awal 14457 December 2023
Friday23 Jamadi ul Awal 14458 December 2023
Saturday24 Jamadi ul Awal 14459 December 2023
Sunday25 Jamadi ul Awal 144510 December 2023
Monday26 Jamadi ul Awal 144511 December 2023
Tuesday27 Jamadi ul Awal 144512 December 2023
Wednesday28 Jamadi ul Awal 144513 December 2023
Thursday29 Jamadi ul Awal 144514 December 2023
Friday30 Jamadi ul Awal 144515 December 2023

What is islamic date today in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the current Islamic date is as , which corresponds to , in the Gregorian calendar. This seamless integration of the Hijri calendar (1445 AH) with the Gregorian Calendar (2023) reflects the harmonious coexistence of cultural traditions, emphasizing the shared history and values of the Islamic world.

The Islamic date of tomorrow in Pakistan will be , which according to the Gregorian date of

Today Islamic date for Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Sialkot, Sukkur, Gujranwala, Kotli, Peshawar, Quetta, and others cities are which is for almost all of Pakistan.

Chand ki date today

Aaj Chand ki Date hai aur English Date hai. Yahan Chand ki Tarikh (Moon Date) ko daily update kiya jata hai. Lehaza Rozana Chand ki Date ko Check karne ke liye Yahan ate rahein.

Islamic date tomorrow in Pakistan

After sunset, the Islamic date will be changed. The Islamic date tomorrow will be Hijri. The first month of the Islamic Hijri calendar is going to end soon.