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Islamic Months Name in Order - Urdu & English

Absolutely, here's a simple list of the Islamic (Hijri) months for you, along with a brief explanation:

Islamic Months in Order

No. English Urdu
1 Muharram محرم
2 Safar صفر
3 Rabi ul-Awwal ربیع الاول
4 Rabi ul-Sani ربیع الثانی
5 Jamadi ul-Awwal جمادی الاول
6 Jamadi ul-Sani جمادی الثانی
7 Rajab رجب
8 Shaban شعبان
9 Ramadan رمضان
10 Shawwal شوال
11 Zul Qadah ذوالقعدہ
12 Zul Hijjah ذوالحجہ

Islamic Months in the Islamic Calendar

  1. Muharram - The first month of the Islamic year. It is a sacred month, and fasting on the 10th day (Ashura) is encouraged.
  2. Safar - The second month. Traditionally, it has no special observances.
  3. Rabi ul-Awwal - The third month. This month is significant because it marks the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (Mawlid).
  4. Rabi ul-Sani - The fourth month. Like Safar, it has no major religious observances.
  5. Jamadi ul-Awwal - The fifth month.
  6. Jamadi ul-Sani - The sixth month.
  7. Rajab - The seventh month, another sacred month. It is a time of peace and spiritual reflection.
  8. Shaban - The eighth month, often used as a time to prepare for Ramadan. The 15th day is known as Shab-e-Barat, a night of prayer and reflection.
  9. Ramadan - The ninth month, known for fasting from dawn to sunset. It is a time of spiritual growth and prayer.
  10. Shawwal - The tenth month. Eid al-Fitr, a celebration marking the end of Ramadan, takes place at the beginning of this month.
  11. Zul Qadah - The eleventh month, another sacred month. It's a time when fighting was historically prohibited in Islamic tradition.
  12. Zul Hijjah - The twelfth and final month, which includes the Hajj pilgrimage and the festival of Eid al-Adha, a major Islamic holiday.